Western Human Rights petition Vs Chinese Nationalist Anti-Western Media petition

Petition to chinese president for ” restraint and respect for human rights in your response to the protests in Tibet “


over 1,65 million ( today , april 29 )

1 million target reached in just 7 days!

VS ?

China’s Grand Petition Against The Western Media

the site gathered approximately .53333 million signatures per day – about half a million signatures per day.

( http://publicplease.org/2008/04/07/chinas-grand-petition-against-the-western-media/ )

over 5,7 million ( 574 ten thousand ) on april 29 – although in an article of le monde – 24.04.2008 , they state ” near to 8 million online signatures “


open letter : towards Grundtvig 2.1 beta ?


Hi Mogens ( cc: friends , traveling school of life , Global Villages , Working in Parallel )

in relation to the development and experimentation of connectivist approaches to learning ,
using existing infrastructure and environments ,

I would like to ask you all to get in touch with me if some of the following perspectives interest you , or put me in touch with anyone else you might know that might be interested , or already develops similar approaches , so that we could set up some kind of project and apply for funds ! / I m writing this to Mogens , who is a principal of a Folkhighschool in Denmark. – or if you are connected to a learning environment and would like to collaborate with me , I m willing to volunteer if you are able to host and feed me during my stay.

I ll paste this call for connecting with others on my blog :



Its Dante ( http://couchsurfing.com/dante )

I was one of your asia/europe ( related to asef grant ) students at brenderup ( 2003 ? )

As time has passed by ,
I m not sure if you are still working with folkhighschools today.
( I realized that one of my friends , Sabina from Latvia , attended the new school where you have become principal , about two years ago. )

If you are still passionnately active with Folk Highschools , I would like to consult you in relation to potential collaboration.

( for other friends reading this – more info on danish folkhighschools on :


and map : http://www.hojskolerne.dk/hoejskoler )

I do not know about latest developments in relation to what is happenning within and between folkhighschools – so I ll share some of my views and perhaps they might connect to other existing projects ?

For example , I like to dream about collaboration towards developping alternative experimental connectivist approaches hosted for a number of weeks , or months , at a folkhighschool , that would also revolve around the interaction itself , and alternative forms of learning , co-creation, governance , economics , production and lifestyles , which can include new opportunities brought by information technologies ,
and can then further be transferred to the communities itself.

… towards a culture of sustainable participative passion and peer enabled co-learning and co-creation , updated to developments in the emerging knowledge based economy ,

and applied to a variety of actual topics and solution development – from sustainable local forms of energy , food logistics , building , healthcare , alternative financial systems – or any topic for which new knowledge and solutions are needed for , and for which students , or even elder enthusiasts , could gather in one folkhighschool as to further facilitate the emergence of inspiring ideas and practices that could then be reproduced accross schools , universities , cooperatives , … and aimed at using technologies and practices in involving local communities and taylor new solutions , with the help of various regional and trans-regional intentional peer networks , that themselves can also emerge through the multiplication of practices accross various existing learning and interaction environments , eventually facilitated by networks of nomadic boundary spanners.

If I remember properly from what I learned through my experience at Brenderup and in Denmark , I believe some of these these open and inclusive aspects to learning and… creation ( ? ) are some of the basis of the philosophy of folk highschools ,
and of danish society itself , through the influence of Grundtvig.

I know about other such kind of approaches and projects , albeit perhaps more exclusive – restrictive in the selection of its participants , such as http://www.kaospilot.dk/

I also know that such initiatives might be developped individually accross schools , yet most often restricted within a certain official curriculum , and not necessarily with the prospect of a permanent resource and collaboration networking platform. – even though this might be exactly what might be encouraged by certain european grants , which eventually could be applied for.
( ? … http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/llp/grundtvig/index_en.html )

I would like to open up inspiring practices which could then easily be networked and multiplied through other learning and living interaction environments , such as any school.

I imagine that it could lead towards certain ” networked cluster ” models , yet not focused on direct profit making or on specific academic research ( such as EU bacled projects like http://openlivinglabs.eu ; http://www.livinglabs-europe.com/ ; ,

but more intended towards facilitating such a ” network society culture ” through peer learning and co-creation , and hopefully also towards peer and community empowered social entrepreneurship , for individuals of all ages.

by the way , I collect a number of links on alternative learning on :



I feel like cc ing this to Michel Bauwens ( http://p2pfoundation.net ) , Marilyn Mehlmann , Julian Still , and other friends ,
hoping that this could generate a discussion , and perhaps , fueled by other gatherings such as the ” she ” gathering ( see below ) , to new , ( temporary ? ) co-creative environments.

Looking forward to hear of any suggestions ,

let me know if you or anyone else you know might be interested , so that together we can facilitate the emergence and further interconnection of idividuals interested in working on such kind of ideas.

Thanks ,


Dante ( I am currently in Estonia , probably soon Finland )

Event : Sustainable Hospitality Exchange , Amsterdam , 27-29 June


last weekend of June in Amsterdam (27-29 June)

” SHE also wishes to connect the praxis of
hospitality exchange to a wider framework of cultural exchange,
gift-economy, trust-metrics, sustainable traveling and living a joyful
life ”

more below …

also see the bewelcome collective , same place , same time ,

but on a longer period  :



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kasper Souren
Date: Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 5:17 PM
Subject: Fwd: SHE wants you as a facilitator!

You heard about the SHE-conference? SHE stands for Sustainable
Hospitality Exchange and is a conference that organised during the
last weekend of June in Amsterdam (27-29 June). It is based in a local
former squat that can host a hundred people and more. The goals of SHE
is to increase exchange of knowledge on the different hospex-networks
around the world & foster debate and change.

SHE wants to be an open-space conference on topics related to
hospitality exchange. SHE wishes to enable face-to-face debates and
workshops on how these networks are run, on best-practices, on
volunteer-work, on empowerment, on community building and all other
related topics. In addition, SHE also wishes to connect the praxis of
hospitality exchange to a wider framework of cultural exchange,
gift-economy, trust-metrics, sustainable traveling and living a joyful
life because above everything SHE wishes to create the debate: what do
we mean with sustainable hospitality exchange?

In the end though, SHE is how you envision her. Look her in the eyes
and think what you could do with SHE! Imagine a space with
enthousiastic people who are very eager to hear about the history of
Hospitality Club, Couchsurfing & Bewelcome, as well as Servas and
other networks of hosp-exchange. Imagine an open podium, space for
art-installations & great food, a self-managed bar and lots of nice
people that want to live & learn by sharing.

SHE is curious to know if you are interested. SHE is really looking
forward to hear from people such as you to start thinking what you
would like to do with her. Would you for example like to facilitate a
workshop on any of the topics related to SHE? Or do you have any other
groovy ideas that SHE might benefit from? Of course you do!

Workshops that SHE is already envisioning are for example: experiences
on volunteer work, how to build up a local hospitality exchange
community, sustainable traveling and hitchhiking, trust, hospitality
exchange and money system, free software and coding, salsa, cultural
western-centrism, history of any given network, et cetera.

The space for SHE is already organised. It has lots of room for
plenary sessions & workshops. There are tables, chairs, a bar, a
dj-set and a podium as well. But SHE also already exists in
wiki-space. So why don’t you start getting into SHE? You can check her
out for more information. You can also edit the pages and give your
input straight away: http://turl.ca/sheconf

For now SHE is being facilitated by a small but committed group of
people who would love to hear from you. Please write SHE-assistants
Kasper (kasper.souren – at – gmail.com) or Robin (robokow – at – gmail.com) with
your ideas and forward this e-mail to good people.

Hope to hear from you soon!


latest Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Hardy Heron – on PC and Mac

bbc article :


( excerpt below )

downloads :



Hardy Heron also has improved support for multimedia, including photo editing, music sharing and video playback, he said.

The version has also been designed to make installation simpler and give users the chance to try the OS without making radical alterations to their current computer set-up.

“This is the first version that you can install under Windows.

“Instead of re-partitioning your hard drive and taking some fairly risky steps, effectively you can now install under Windows without modifying your system.”

Ubuntu can be installed on PC and Mac machines and is one of a number of versions of Linux.