Recurrent Transition Point

Recurrent Transition Point – Faith in Manifesting the Co Creative Impulse :

I am again at this recurrent transition point ,

where I need to remind myself what I am doing ,

decide if I invest my time in ” working for money ” while doing jobs that do not have meaning for me ,

or going on finding what I am passionate about and finding ways of putting the pieces of the puzzle together ,
connecting people and converging people around common intentions.

Every time , my conclusion is that I should go on doing what I am passionate about ,
and continue trying to reach out to people with which I can do things and co create together ,

and eventually , at some point , there might be further mutual empowerment emerging ,
and raising my quality of life out of the nothingness of being in between or out of shared space in other peoples realities ,
roofless , or spending much of my time between roofs and the friends that support them , hitch hiking to bridge them ,
and attending conferences all over.

Being tired of being constantly on the road , I decided to try a local convergence approach , moving less on scales of hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

I keep faith , and remind myself what I am doing ,
and what concepts I can manifest to express the rhizome synthesis consciousness.

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