Mutually Empowering Rhizome

I realize it is much easier for me to meaningfully empower others.

For example , I do not have health insurance anymore , but I am not worried about it.

I do not have money income , but I am not worried about it.

I am not worried about other people either ,

but it feels meaningful to be cocreative and share with the other ,

it feels easier and more meaningful to empower others , and with others ,
as somehow I feel “trust” that by doing what I can best do , others will do what they can.

So I guess that the easiest for me , is to continue networking people sharing common intentions ,

facilitating the visualization and understanding of intentions and ways of manifesting ,

and let each other realize what is needed to empower others ,
feeling empathy for each others learning experience while making choices that empower intention and the consciousness at all levels of abstraction ,
doing what can , being a mirror , without the need for it , without need to please ,

empowering ourselves by empowering others , or rather , empowering ” can “.

Others can empower me in surviving and continue the flow of can ,
so that I can empower others in maintaining the flow of can ,
and then we end up with a rhizome that is mutually empowering.

I also like

Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows;

A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn’t have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him. That is one aspect of Ubuntu but it will have various aspects. Ubuntu does not mean that people should not address themselves. The question therefore is: Are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you be able to improve?

meaning through shared realities

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From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 1:43 PM
Subject: meaning through shared realities

I have grown up in a individualist society , and I feel that my heart and mind is not satisfied with competitive and consumerist individualism. In eastern europe I discovered a certain sensibility that resonated with my heart , yet at the same time I realize that I am part of a Paradigm that is not one of ( some mainstream socio culture in ) eastern europe , or not of western europe , but one that is in creation.

I realize that there are some precious people I meet on my road , and with whom I would like to build with.

I also realize that what has meaning is to share , and to co-create , yet that it is not easy in the current situation to find a way to share space in peoples realities , as often it is already packed with their obligations , or also because a lot of people are scared of the chaos of the unknown , which I might reflect to them through my attempts of creating new solutions , beyond the current structures ,

even when many of them do appreciate that I am trying to develop new solutions.

I meet a lot of people , but at the same time it feels isolated , as it is most of the time only for the time of a cup of tea , and not in a shared reality , towards a common intention.

Sometimes people are curious about my different approaches , but when i stay for longer then a cup of tea it seems to often make them feel threatened by my different approach , perhaps as it becomes a mirror to their reality , and to a potential of doing things differently , which re-questions their own structures , and re-questions the validity of what they considered being obligations.

Yet I am progressively developing the intentional networks with which I hope to co-create , and develop the bases that will facilitate alternative lifestyles , approaches , solutions – preserving and expanding our space to be different , while opening up the opportunities to empower each other through and with our differences – in a collaborative individualist approach :

Many people , including politicians and economics , are not satisfied with the current financial system , and the ways whereby we count economics and value creation , as we realize that it does not necessarily lead to ” development ” , but to destruction in the interest of a few.

To be able to cope with the complexity of the world of today , we need to empower each other while using the available tools , and learning and living approaches are very central.

Trust information systems and decision making are also very central ,

and today , compared with the past , we do not need to fight for control over land and people to have control on communication channels that enable such society building ,

we do not need to go through civil wars ( as the one that hapenned in Finland in the beginning of the 20th century ) ,

we can develop alternative systems that can provide solutions directly to the people , and , as more and more people see their interest in using it , it will grow by itself without having to take over control on any other system – in effect , ending up with multiple parallel societies and realities , and as individuals we could choose the multiple solutions and societies we are active in – complementing each other.

Anyway , hope this does not all sound too complicated. I hope soon we can develop some documentary that can illustrate and make such perspectives easily accessible.

Rhizomic Consciousness

What I tend to call ” rhizomic forms of consciousness ” ,
have , in the way I tend to define it ,
characteristics such as inclusiveness / unconditionality / openness to participation ,
transparency ( holopticism , as opposed to panopticism ) , non linearity ,
permanent creation and modularity of relations as opposed to reproduction of crystallized sets of relations ,

and because of this ,
other properties such as non-coerciveness ( passion / intrinsic motivation ) ,
emergence , natural non permanent / functional leadership based on initiative – participation – experience – reputation ( in social networks ) , collaborative creation , stigmergy , …


a brainstorming in french , with my friend Florence …


Shared intention : Meta-Rhizome
Synthese par intention et conscience partagee :
vivre en simplicite dans la complexite par authenticite

Il s’agit de faciliter une transition vers un paradigme de simplicité dans la complexité ,
au travers d un Rhizome de Rhizomes.

Le paradigme de simplicité se caractérise par :

– l’empowerment mutuel : la collaboration (synergie) au lieu de la compétition
– l’émergence : synergie entre synergies
– la motivation intrinsèque : la passion comme moteur d’activité, et pas la motivation extrinsèque
– le pouvoir d’inspiration plutôt que le pouvoir de coercition
– l’approche de création et pas seulement de reproduction
– la création de nouvelles solutions autour de la quelle se concentre la concentration de l’attention et des ressources
– la customization des solutions : toute solution peut être transformée et adaptée à son contexte
– l’intérêt de tous plutôt qu’autour de structures de pouvoir dans leurs intérêts propres
– la mise en commun de tout, sans nécessaire abandon de la propriété privée (ex : copyleft)
– une hiérarchie naturelle suivant la compétence dans une situation donnée et la participation
– une hiérarchie non coercitive : avec un pouvoir d’inspiration
le long terme plutôt que le court terme
un rhizome : une interconnexion entre tout élément avec l’ensemble des autres éléments
non lineaire

une forme d’organisation, de collaboration en réseau (rhizome)
– tout element est connecté avec toute autre element au travers du rhizome, tout projet est connecté avec un autre projet, tout devient transdisciplinaire.
– il n’y a pas de dépendance à une structure en particulier : on n’est pas limité à la reproduction de structure, il y a une redisposition continuelle des non-structures
– conscience plus large que le soi, une conscience de notre capacité mutuelle dans l’intérêt global
– potentiel du nombre de voies de communication illimité (pour avoir une société, il faut une voie de communication pour qu elle s organise)
– ubiquité et convergence entre la réalité physique et réalité digitale
– conscience de dépendance mutuelle permanente sans dépendance spécifique a une entite
– la synthèse : convergence des différents éléments

Des systèmes inconditionnels, non hiérarchisés, autogérés, rhizomiques, transparents, décentralisés, connectés, autonomes, par émergence, non linéaire, non conflictuel et ouverts a la collaboration…


Description de la culture

Cela est plus facile à comprendre à travers un mode de vie : des styles de vie passionnés dirigés par un sentiment de sens partagé.

Il s’agit d’une nouvelle culture que vivent sous un aspect ou un autre des hackers open source, auto stoppeurs, réseaux d’hospitalité (couch-surfing), …

C’est une culture sans règle hiérarchique spécifique, mais avec une flexibilité sur le plan de l’influence des individus au sein de la communauté. Cette influence leur est attribuée de manière naturelle suivant leur compétence dans une situation donnée et leur participation.

La confiance et l attention devient un atout majeur et ouvre la voie à leur collaboration dans le réseau. Une ecoute et une confiance de base peut etre donnée d’emblée, mais selon ce que les gens font, ils gagnent ou perdent en réputation , et donc , en potentiel d attention et de confiance vis a vis d eux.

Chaque personne est valorisée et les individus se soutiennent mutuellement dans le réseau pour apprendre ensemble et opèrent un nivellement par le haut. Les individus s’empowerent (s’émancipent) mutuellement : ils mettent à disposition leurs ressources et potentiels respectifs.

La transparence est très importante car elle offre l’inclusion en permettant une compréhension de la situation et des différents éléments qui la composent. Cela permet à chacun d’apporter de nouvelle question, de nouvelles solution pouvant contribuer à l’émancipation et la création de valeur mutuelle. La rétention d’information


Création de communautés de pratiques : on apprend ensemble en partageant nos références, suivant une motivation intrinsèque et une émulation mutuelle.
Des personnes qui partagent une intention et des intérêts communs.


De plus en plus de personnes se trouvent confrontées à un changement continuel ; elles vivent dans une réalité de réalité multiple. Il devient de plus en plus difficile de se restreindre à une réalité spécifique, on peut vivre l experience d une réalité sans en être spécifiquement dépendant. On développe une capacité à constamment recréer sa réalité.

Cette adaptation rend possible la simplicité dans la complexité, parce qu’elle mène à vivre de plus en plus dans le moment présent, à se détacher de plus en plus de structures et de besoins spécifiques.


Un méta projet avec différents modules transdisciplinaires, connectés entre eux.

Meta-Rhizome :

Rhizome : Finance

emergence de systeme financier alternatif sans interet ,
avec demurrage ,

a partir de reseaux de ( cooperatives de ? ) producteurs et de consommateurs.

Rhizome : Holoptisme

Pour faciliter une conscience et une vue d’ensemble pour tous : un système holoptique (/= panoptique)
L’intérêt est dans le processus plus que dans la structure.

Certains modules peuvent être développés avec les outils actuel et d’autres nécessitent un investissement dans la R&D.

OUTIL holoptique
Constituer une base de données des différents intérêts, les objectifs, les questions, les besoins.
Tous les segments sont reliés entre eux par des métatag. L’information est accessible à tous.
Chacun peut savoir ce qui intéresse chacun : on peut s’organiser autour de problématiques partagées (tout en ouvrant la possibilité d’une perspective plus globale).


Ces systèmes existent déjà dans la culture alternative,il s’agit de les diffuser.

Rhizome : Energie

accès aux ressources (énergie, eau, nourriture, services) et aux outils (logistique).

Rhizome : Logistique Marchande

Rhizome : Stigmergie – Logistique des activites et processus

definition en francais ( voir aussi : Intelligence distribuée )
quoi que la definition anglophone correspond peut etre d avantage a l idee que j en fais :

Mon idee est celle d outils qui facilitent
la synchronisation et la coordination non centralisee au travers de l espace entre differents individus suivant des intentions et des objectifs communs

Rhizome : économie et devises (trust information system : IOU ; ripple)

emergence de systeme financier alternatif sans interet ,
avec demurrage ,

a partir de reseaux de ( cooperatives de ? ) producteurs et de consommateurs.

explicatif de demurrage :

Rhizome : communication (réseaux ad hoc, multihop)

Rhizome : protocoles de routage ( Freenet , BitTorrent , … )

Rhizome : apprentissage (pas d’éducation, au sens de reproduction des patterns)

Rhizome : Gouvernance

Rhizome : licence ( Copyleft , General Public licence )

Le plus que le nombre de personnes et entites participant au reseau augmente , le plus que la valeur du systeme , et son potentiel de calculation augmente.

– p ost symbolique émergent (outil holoptique en lui-même)
– avec la possibilité d’une navigation immersive, dynamique et relative
– on peut partager un concept directement en voyant les coordonnées dans la constellation sémantique
– plus il y a d’interrelation/vecteurs, plus la précision de la position de chaque objet dans le système augmente.

process dimension
– permet de naviguer les différents processus et la conscience dans laquelle ces processus sont vécus.
– processus positif : 1/ la confiance (ouverture d’un channel), 2/ l’action , 3/ la contemplation (forme de gratification), 0/ l’inspiration
– processus négatif : 1/ la confiance négative (augmentation de la peur), 2/ la réduction du potentiel d’action, 3/ une contemplation négative (sentiment de frustration), 0/ moins d’inspiration

Build up of mutually empowered critical mass of prosumers ?

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From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Sat, May 17, 2008 at 1:52 PM
Subject: Build up of mutually empowered critical mass of prosumers ?
To: hc_ecology – at –, sustainable_solidarity – at –

I felt like writing some additional ideas , in relation to potential developments and projects I see around me , and question myself as to where to converge ” physically ” while being able to live, and facilitate the … ” Build up of mutually empowered critical mass of prosumers ? ” – while not disconnecting ourselves from the city / not fully living in autharcy – but being open to a globalised world , with a capacity for higher levels of mutual empowerment and collaborative creativity.

and how to facilitate the networking and collaboration of organizations , cooperatives , academic institutions , students , … any individual towards such intentions ?

When the picture is so synthetic and complex , where to start ?

a follow up on a previous thread and response which you will find below


I also notice another trend – the urban redevelopment trend around knowledge and creation centers.

this is my main reason for now visiting Helsinki , as there is a urban re-development plan , shifting a declined industrial neighborhood into a art/design/high tech – living , research and development , management , lifelong learning space.


also see another project in the united states :

if you have a good internet connection , you might want to view this very easy to read and informative 10 Mb pdf file :

if not , some more google entries related to

Remaking Cities Institute – Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture

One of the aims of mine and of many people I end up meeting , along these last years , is to connect further our intentional networks , with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds sharing it , activists , academic institutions, students , organizations , businesses , governmental organizations , representatives , etc

share practices , experiment , increase our credibility through joint projects , increase support and access to a variety of resources , …

There are a number of very interesting initiatives , in many OECD countries – for example here a japanese practice sharing platform :

Although sometimes it feels simple yet complex , and I doubt strongly that the verbal language tool , even when extended by information technologies , and emails like this one , can be effective enough – i feel more and more that what is needed is new forms of language , some kinds of dynamic mapping into which we can add , position , extract , compare , correct , …

beyond wiki s , yet including them , extracting available data from the internet , from our environments , and be able to visualize them through some post symbolic visual language.

I am also not surprised to see that many a case , as with the Arabiaranta Helsinki redevelopment project , the central synthetic and creative environment , the convergence space for trans-disciplinarity , are choses to be art universities , or more precisely , art and technology development oriented environments ,

dreaming and designing futures and the relations between all elements , including dreams about new esthetical forms of lifestyle …

Or am I wrong ? I am perhaps too young to have experienced it , but it seemed that in the end of the 60 ies , the social movements erupted from the humanistic faculties ?

Is this still te case ? I traveled all over europe in the last years , met a lot of students of politics and sociology , and often they would end up being the activist side of the movement , but often in an approach that is ” fighting ” and not necessarily with new visions.

It feels that Design and Technology Development / Research ” clusters ” are becoming ” fashion and being developed , not necessarily through grassroot movements , but because of the needs and evolution of businesses ( and consumerism ? ) into products that require such solutions.

Which perhaps sounds a bit contradictory to a prosumer spirit ?

Business seems to have been successfull in absorbing the individualist needs of the 68 generation into … consumerism ? ( I paste below some references to a BBC series of documentaries ” The century of the self ” ) ,

but will it take further control over current psychological , and potential structural developments ?

Or are we able to create the prototypes that can better deal with complexity and offer alternative modes of organization and lifestyle then the current dominant competitive , consumerist , scarcity creating , individualist models ?

A dilemna I feel is that the resources are still on the side of a capitalistic mode of production and managment.

Organizing ourselves , and connecting between each other , cooperatives , that can facilitate the mutual empowerment of individuals while creating some of the resources they need to live , eventually selling to a broader market , or even creating its own markets ( and own alternative – intentional ? – currencies ? more complex barter systems involving information technologies ? to trade between partners / cooperatives that share common intentions ? )

Can we inspire the creation of a critical mass ?

Where do we start to converge a critical mass ?

With food cooperatives ? With learning practices and school environments ?

I know that its in every different field that we can be active , and spread such socio-cultural memes ,

yet for some of us , it does not feed us yet –

The p2p foundation ( and other platforms and movements ), the convergence of various examples and ideas under the wiki , blog , ning , mailing lists

is where we seem to be now.

But how to connect a critical mass ? … as to empower ourselves with the resources needed ,
without having to be dependent on a capitalistic mode of organization and production ?


” The Century of the Self ”

part 1 )

part 2 )

part 3 )

part 4 )

About ” The Century of the Self ” :

extract from

To many in both politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?

some more videos on my blog

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 1:01 PM, Dante-Gabryell Monson wrote:

Hi Marco , Michel , Sam , ( cc : Alicia , Marilyn , Steve , Synnove , Andrius , Josef , Franz , Jeff )

yes , I guess that the people that are fully interested in investing themselves in a shift of lifestyle patterns in such kind of approach – pro-suming ( ? ) – form some kind of sub-culture –

The eco-village movement ( such as ) might be one such kind of sub culture , although too often I realize they tend to reject information technologies and try to move to some more collectivist structures , going back to the past , trying to escape complexity and live a simple life ,

although there are also some examples of emerging networks , such as

and also emerging , existing , communities such as one I know about ( but did not visit up to now ) in the netherlands ,

they also organize a festival ( in dutch – Michel might understand : )

and where an acquaintance of mine met at a ecotopia camp ,
“alicia falvey” , has been ( and still is ? ) very involved in – I also remember she mentionned some other projects in Ireland ? –

I also paste below for Michel an extract in dutch extracted from :

De wijk EVA-Lanxmeer

De Culemborgse wijk EVA-Lanxmeer is een stadswijk, die is gebouwd op basis van gedachtengoed over integrale sociaal-ecologische stedenbouw en permacultuur. In dit gedachtengoed staat de kwaliteit van de leefomgeving centraal, waarvoor de bewoners en bedrijven die er wonen en werken zelf medeverantwoordelijkheid dragen. De inrichting van leefomgeving wordt gekenmerkt door ecologisch bouwen, organische vormgeving en architectuur, afvalwaterzuivering in de wijk, centrale parkeerplaatsen, landschapsarchitectuur, samenhang tussen privé tuin, gezamenlijke tuin en openbaar groen, behoud van cultuurhistorische elementen, ontwikkeling van natuur, biodiversiteit en biologische landbouw.

Recurrent Transition Point

Recurrent Transition Point – Faith in Manifesting the Co Creative Impulse :

I am again at this recurrent transition point ,

where I need to remind myself what I am doing ,

decide if I invest my time in ” working for money ” while doing jobs that do not have meaning for me ,

or going on finding what I am passionate about and finding ways of putting the pieces of the puzzle together ,
connecting people and converging people around common intentions.

Every time , my conclusion is that I should go on doing what I am passionate about ,
and continue trying to reach out to people with which I can do things and co create together ,

and eventually , at some point , there might be further mutual empowerment emerging ,
and raising my quality of life out of the nothingness of being in between or out of shared space in other peoples realities ,
roofless , or spending much of my time between roofs and the friends that support them , hitch hiking to bridge them ,
and attending conferences all over.

Being tired of being constantly on the road , I decided to try a local convergence approach , moving less on scales of hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

I keep faith , and remind myself what I am doing ,
and what concepts I can manifest to express the rhizome synthesis consciousness.

festivalist node ?

It would be really interesting to have some kind of ” life center ” ,
a complete alternative to ” job centers ” ,

as the main aim of a ” life center ” , compared to a ” job center ” ,
is not to find people that match demand that can be paid for ,

but the main aim would be to allow people to find what they are interested in ,
and how they can mutually empower each other in further learning and developing what they feel has meaning to learn more and develop.

I remember already seeing a ” volunteering ” center.

How can we best use information technologies to help people share their questions ,
and develop solutions together , empowering each other with learning and shared activities towards their intention and potential projects.

I m not sure if there is such a ” virtual center ” … ?

Although there are many points on the internet that do connect people according to their interests.

I guess this could also be the new forms of learning ” nodes ” …

some kind of ” information convergence nodes towards festivalist lifestyles ”

I guess this should replace our current modes of operation in universities and schools ,
and also be used for mutually empowered and challenging life long learning.

Rhizome : Post-Symbolic Meaning Dimensions

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dante-Gabryell Monson

Date: Jun 5, 2007 3:43 PM
Subject: Using Quantum Gravity for Dynamic Relational System / Dynamic Relational Positioning of Objects ?

I am Dante , originally from Brussels.

My research has brought me to you , as I am currently trying to find solutions for a way to build a dynamic relational reference system , in a system of infinite dimensions and levels of abstraction.
Navigation in such a system would be relative to the reference chosen in the eventual navigation , yet the challenge is to understand how a specific kind of ” gravity ” could be used in the way that all objects relate and see each other – through each other ? –

I have the feeling some of your research related to quantum gravity could be used.

Such a dynamic relational reference system would be useful for many different applications , including the understanding of meaning through the dynamic relational positioning of objects ( in infinite levels of abstraction )

Some of these axioms and the tools to visualize and build with it raises interdisciplinary questions.

I have the feeling some of your research and understanding can lead to such solutions , and I also have the feeling some of my axioms could also be of interest to you – see links further below –

and I would like to have your views on how our visions on universal systems could converge , and complement each other.

To present some of my axioms briefly : everything is relations , relations with a certain conciousness become processes.

Processes and concepts , as much as what seems ” material ” , are ” Objects ” ( or are ” objectifiable ” ) with more or less abstraction.

A “relation” between two objects is an object itself , at abstraction level +1

all conciousness we have of ” physical ” objects , all knowledge ( objects with higher level of abstraction as physical objects ? ) , any relation , is connected and can be used to visualize other objects  on different levels of abstraction of which we do not have conciousness of yet.

I would like to experiment by developing a tool that could also be used as some kind of ” meta cortex ” ,
and that would not only make it possible to build and visualize databases of relations , but also to visualize the emergent levels of abstraction , as such a data base would have emergent properties and become a window for opening up our conciousness to infinite levels of abstraction.

I also feel that understanding ” conciousness” is also useful in finding solutions , and possibly my following axiom on ( objectifiable ) process dimensions can help in that matter :

I also feel it might connect to some of your research. In this axiom , ” time ” is also being questioned , and our experienced ” reality ” would be nothing more then an ” addiction to a string ” of process dimensions.

Individual process dimensions are experienced in one of the two following flows :

a negative flow being one that is narrowing down towards addiction to a specific channel / trust – i call this a ego experienced flow –

and a positive flow being one that is multiplying its strings of experienced objects , reducing ” specific ” dependency and addiction – i call this a metatized experienced flow –

as you can see on the process dimensions notes page , it starts with 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 –

” 0 ” as the relation that i call ” inspiration ” , and that can be negative of positive ( this is relative to the object / objectified process )

Negatively and positively experienced process dimensions can be connected between each other , and as energy flows along the string from greater process dimensions it can influence the sustainability of the experienced reality.

( a negatively experienced process dimension , when too disconnected from metatized processes , has a high risk of dying )

what concerns 1 , 2 and 3 , I prefer letting you read my notes and the examples further on that page.


This would only be the beginning – many more elements can be found on the basis of 0 , 1 , 2 , 3

for example , strings , that are the continuity of experienced process dimensions , would be the next step that can be further understood and developed.

It would be interesting to understand what happens when there is no more addiction to the string –

It seems there is the potential for a infinity of process dimensions at all times , but they are not all experienced , and not all on the same string /  would it be possible to relate strings , etc ?

Anyway , these are questions for later – questions that could become easier to solve when I / we can find some answers for a


also see some older notes on :


To be able to build such a meta-cortex tool – a tool that opens up dimensions to input , relate , build ,  and allow emergence of ( abstract ) objects and relations –

The question I have at this point of time and need to solve is : how to facilitate the visualization of the meaning of different abstract objects , according to its relation to all other objects – its relative position.

I have the feeling that according to its position , a position determined to all the relations the object has with other objects , the object will find itself closer or further to other objects , and therefore one will start visualizing different ( multi ) dimensions of meaning.

This implies that , with the use of such a meta-cortex space , we will also be able to use a new language , where all concepts can be built upon and can be communicated according to their relations , and their position according to their relations  ( all concepts expressed in verbal language , but also all other concepts that are not yet expressed verbally , or that can be found through emergence of the system of inter-related objects )

That would mean that the more objects ( for example , abstract objects like concepts ) are added to the data base ( or the more data bases of relations are connected ) the more the system fine tunes itself , and the higher the precision of its positioning.

Therefore , it would be interesting to have a dynamic system of positioning of abstract objects and relations – that would be based on all the other relations.

Possibly , there could be a navigator ( I call it a ” rhizomic visualization browser ” ) ,

and one would be able to navigate based on the points of reference one would want to choose.

I would like to experiment with this.

I have the feeling that a conventional program , where we define too many rules in advance as to get a specific result , is not exactly what i m looking forward to , as I would like to see how the system itself is capable of defining itself.

So based on the dimensions in which the relations end up , they would acquire specific meaning – and it would not be necessary , for example , for semanticists , to pre-define meaning of certain relations.

I also want to see how it creates new dimensions , and how it creates emergence on relations.

In other words , such a system would not only have the emergent property of creating new relations and objects in infinite levels of abstraction , but also of constructing relations that would be able to visualized as types of relation , or relations in certain dimensions , and could be attributed a certain meaning.

I have the feeling that ultimately the processing power of a conventional bits processing engine would not be appropriate to facilitate emergence in such a system , especially if it grows to a large number of relations.

On the longer run , it will be interesting to understand how would be possible to instantaneously have the results of a new relation integrated into such a ( networked data base ) system.

Like when one string pulls all other strings it is attached to , and that the dynamic position of such evolving and emergent system fine tunes itself ?

Ok , possibly questions for later.

For now ,

I hope some of the ideas I presented are clear enough – and that they could be complementary with some other ideas you know of or develop.

If the ideas expressed are not clear enough , feel free to let me know – I could also meet up with you somewhere in europe to explain it face to face.

by the way, although I am from Brussels originally , I live a post-nomadic lifestyle and am sending this message from Vilnius , Lithuania.

my profile on the internet :

I would be interested to see what these ideas could inspire to you or people you know.

I am organizing a one month collective in Germany , gathering thinkers , programmers , activists , artists , …
to which you or other persons you would suggest are invited if you want :

I am also pasting below some conversation I shared in the last month with Michel Bauwens and Francois Rey , in relation to the ideas expressed in this letter.

– for future communication , we can communicate both in english and in french. –



Article : The Google Way of Science

Excerpt :

“It may turn out that tremendously large volumes of data are sufficient to skip the theory part in order to make a predicted observation. Google was one of the first to notice this.

note: found thanks to the p2p research list

local boundary spanning and convergence – stigmergy and emergence of intentional networks

I am interested in developing interconnected media facilitating a trans and meta overview ,

and if possible , also a dynamic relative overview ,

within and between ” intentional networks “.

Towards such an aim ,

I believe , at first , in using existing technologies , and then progressively build collected materials and position them towards each other , collectively , eventually implementing new applications and solutions to do so.

Let me explain my approach.

In the last 5 years , I have been hitch hiking all over europe , developing different perspectives , interacting and living with people from various backgrounds , while staying in touch with these people , and also with other emerging intentional networks , through the internet , using email , wiki s , mailing lists , social bookmarks , …

I quickly realized the need for two approaches , beyond convergence and exchanges in online environments , connecting online interaction with real world spaces and interaction :

on one hand , the need to facilitate the emergence of interconnected networks of individuals that apparently may be called
” boundary spanners “

( expressed in some old brainstormings such as ” Open World ” :

and on the other hand , convergence spaces , which may also be living spaces , where such boundary spanners can converge , live , and develop their projects , while feeling at home , or having the opportunity to have several places where they feel at home.

Also , during my travels , the decisions concerning my moves depended on the options that would come to me along communication channels in the networks of people I met , and on information  from the networks of individuals to which I connected to online ,

opening up several options to me , from which I would constantly re-actualize my alignment of options ( several options making it possible to attract me rather in one part of europe at a certain time of the year , rather then another , according to the capacity to open up new opportunities , meet people , converge resources , and the efforts invested )

I would also use email to facilitate efforts of ” stigmergy ” with my networks of friends throughout europe ,
and optimize the opportunity and connection making through my hitch hiking low budget moves , by connecting with people along the way according to common interests , or complementary interests , I would feel.

Other important factors in my travels being the potential for having inconditional opportunities for reality sharing – feeling more often that I had more such chances in certain places in eastern europe then in western europe , as western europe , especially in its big cities , seemed to have its social organization based on much more conditional reality sharing.

After an estimated 300 000 km hitch hiking , I feel it is time to find opportunities to increase the resource base , and find ways to converge more effectively , using some of my experience , and try to implement the understanding and broader view of interconnected / inter related pieces of ” puzzle ” I would see , and the potential for new synergetic , or eventually , emergent relation making processes.

I am now back in Brussels , my home town , and a major center of decision making in europe and in the world , itself being positioned in between other major decision making centers in europe , such as London , Paris , Amsterdam , the Ruhr Gebiet and Koln …

I woud like to start very simply.   I am happy to see that there are projects such as ” The Hub ” that are emerging , new hubs opening up accross major cities accross europe and the world , inspired on the Hub London s success.

I am somewhat sceptical of its business model , yet like to promote the development of such transdisciplinary convergence spaces.
( I still feel such model might still too much be aimed at maximizing income , even though some hubs might choose to be not for profit – I am also concerned about ownership and control of communication channels related to these convergence spaces , … etc … but thats another debate. )

Together with some friends , such as Synnove , we also discussed the development of ” Convergence shared living spaces “.

These might also combine with other more temporary convergence/living intentional network spaces , such as ” collectives ” of a few days , or a few months , such as the Couchsurfing or BeWlecome Collectives , or the 24 hour or 24 weeks projects the espians develop :


In some of these projects , video , wiki s , and mailing lists are being used to facilitate collaboration between individuals from all over the world with convergence points such as collectives.

I would be interested in developing platforms , together with all other emerging technologies ,
that facilitate such collaboration ,

first at a local scale , such as at the scale of brussels ,

visiting different actors potentially sharing common or complementary projects and intentions ,

understanidng their needs and offers ,

and trying to position them by facilitating some ( audio-visual ) recordings , that would include meta tags ,

and facilitate the mapping of each of them towards each other.

I would also be interested , after using existing tools and mashing them together ,
while also using real world spaces , which can in effect also become ubiquitous as to interact with each other through the online communication channels and also through physical space , facilitating ” stigmergy ”

Ideally , grant makers , social entrepreneurs , researchers , people in the field , decision makers of all kinds , etc

can more eaisly allocate their efforts and resources , and collaborate with each other ,

not having to follow specific power structures of organizations , but directly working around common intentions ,
and optimizing the use of resources , facilitating also the understanding of mutual synnergies and the different inter relations ,
understanding priorities and how each element may further lead to new opportunities.

This would be complemented with data bases , and their immersive visualization – tools that still need to be developed , some of which I may briefly be detailing on


Another very important aspect I see to such emergence ,

is the inconditonality , towards common intentions.

Everyone does wat one can , and empowers each other , eventually leading to ones own empowerment through mutual emergence.

new forms of finance can emerge , including new forms of measurment , facilitated by the new holoptic capacity of such a intentional network.

By holopticism , I mean the capacity for everyone to see the bigger picture , and to evaluate as to better potion ones own actions and potential decisions in accordance to others , facilitating self regulation , in a non hierarchic way.

Everyone could be creative , and people having access to any kind of resource may decide to invest and donate to people working on various aspects of the broader intention ,

or on new understandings of opportunties that may rise into new initiatives and solution development.


For example , I might go and see various individuals , schools , universities, non governmental organizations , governmental political bodies , private companies , etc

and by documenting and inter relating each others needs and situations , make it easier for each of them to see potentials for synnergies , and new opportunties to create / solutions to develop together.

by doing so , some of them might see the ” value creation ” I can bring , and through a transparent donations platform ,
allow them to donate to me , while seing what my own living needs might be.

I can show , like in a video game , what my daily survival needs are , and how much of them might have been filled up within the next week or two , and if they want to support me , they may see for example that in one week time I do not have enough money to fulfill my estimated eating expenses , and they can decide to donate one or two euros – which then appears transparently on the online system.

more details about such a solution on


So to start with , I would simply need to go and visit local actors , and help positioning them , by fiding out about a series of question that could facilitate such positioning , and eventuallymake some short audiovisual recording , which can then be meta tagged and inter related with all other potential recordings and pieces of information.

This can facilitate local meetings in the real world ,

and if it really creates value , it can be a first step for me to receive donations and survive ,
while not being told what to do , whitout having to work for anyone , and without needing to set up any specific legal structure of my own ( I hope – we will see )

I also look forward to further use and include tools , such as potentially the ones developed by Joe Edelman :