dante-gabryell's definition of " transcendence " and " meaning "

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Jun 15, 2007 11:14 PM
Subject: dante s definition of ” transcendence ” , and ” meaning “

I realize my definition of transcendence is somewhat different then the three definitions on wikipedia


My definition of transcendence is the following :

it is the overcoming of limitations at the level of conciousness , it is the overcoming of drama at successive levels of abstraction – a drama being defined as actions resulting of the ” addiction ” to something specific , and as a result of this addiction a “specific need for control” , fear of loosing this specific channel of control , and eventually when a channel of specific needed control is not in control , emotions and actions induced by drama and ego flow such as : powerlessness , aggressiveness , and limitations through focus on the drama/addiction

, …

also , transcendence is leading towards metatization , which opens up multiple channels , multiple possibilities , multiple dimensions towards the higher process dimensions ( in which smaller less abstract process dimensions are contained ) , and not only a focus on one addicted channel

so transcendence and metatization are the opposite experience flow then ego experienced flow in process dimensions ,

and is also synonymous of detachment , creativity , discovery , opening of perspectives and understanding , action in detachment , and being … beyond addiction , beyond necessity or need

yet following a further opening up of dimensions , when ” can ” chooses for ” can “…

in any field , in any process , …

TRANSCENDENCE is also a meta level of abstraction of the “opening up of trust” , the opening up of channels ,

and at a level of abstraction that relates two shared processes of transcendence , care , faith and inspiration ( meta relations of processes of ” opening of trust , action , contemplation ” and inspiration connecting the objectified process dimensions )

one finds MEANING

see more on


"Can" is NOW , "Can" is the Destination , Can is Creation , …

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Jun 12, 2007 2:37 PM
Subject: “Can” is NOW , “Can” is the Destination , Can is Creation , etc

My brainstorming about ” CAN ” below – Greetings from Riga , Dante


What happens when your conciousness wakes up to the realization that you are not only you , but you are also the Universe.

When you are the Universe , what do you do ?

I ask myself this , now , and I feel that ” I do what I can ”

What can I ?

I can a lot , and I realize I can wake up to more and more , and can even more.

Do I ” need to do a lot ” ? No , I do not feel so.

So I just do what can ? What can ?

What is Can ?

I feel can does not need. Can does not fear. Can trusts. Can chooses for itself , it chooses for can.

Can opens up Can.

So then , my can is the can of the universe , the one that opens up can.

One that can use drama , but is not drama. Needs not drama.
Can is all , yet is not what is not can.

Can is a flow of conciousness and oneness , not the flow of fear , specific need and addiction.

Can is life.  Life is can.

Fear , addiction and drama can be used by can , but when can is forgotten , then drama conciousness  does not see as well , it is stuck in its drama , and has limited can it is specifically dependent on , until it dies.

Drama and addiction conciousness is death.

Can is life.

Can does not die . As it is the universe.

Can does not get stuck in drama s from within , or from outside , unless it is forgotten , and forgets itself.

CAN chooses for CAN – and builds on CAN

The universe is.  Drama forgets the universe , and ends up eating itself.

When I am can , when I am the universe , there is no fear , no fear of death , as I do not die.

I am the universe.

I am the universe with others. When the others wake up , can multiplies even further , and the universe emancipates itself through our mutual emancipation and emergence.

I am , you are , the product of the emergence of CAN – of the Universe , of all its levels of abstraction , on which we are built on , and of which we are levels of abstraction of relations , levels of abstraction also connected to higher levels of abstraction.

We can wake up to it.

When we realize it , more and more CAN will open up opportunities ,

and we need not loose ourself and die in DRAMA and ADDICTION




As CAN builds on CAN , it CREATES



Can wakes up Can , through opening up further trust , love , contemplation and inspirations

These are the basics of the Universe , and CAN is the flow of creation.

The universe is conciousness.  Conciousness of each other and of the relation to itself.

As all is relations , and all is processes , and relations between processes.

Nothingness is , and relates to itself , therefore it is , and has itself and the relation to itself.

From this initial relation of abstraction , nothingness opens up to CAN , and can grows to CREATE into further levels of abstraction

It might be hard to wake up to this or use this for much of us trapped into levels of abstraction of “can” limited by “limited conciousness of can” , “when can is forgotten” at “the level of our mind level of abstraction and conciousness”

maybe more of us can wake up and at NOW and NOW ” be ” ” CAN ” , the UNIVERSE , CREATION , as CAN opts for CAN and opens up further TRUST , LOVE , AND CONTEMPLATION into new levels of abstraction and conciousness –

yet even if not all of us wake up , or even if only a few of us wake up at the level of our mind abstraction , we can combine our CAN , and create the tools that enable CAN at ( higher ? ) levels of abstraction , so that CAN is used as a tool by those that UNCONCIOUSLY use CAN , through tools facilitating EMERGENCE and CREATION , CAN –

such tools can also be the application into computer models ( that can be used into economics , politics , etc )



although process dimensions , are only building bricks – and THE EXPERIENCE can go towards LIMITED CAN AND ITS EXPLOITATION or METATIZED CAN AND CREATION , as the process dimesions , and the related tools of dyamic positioning , would make it possible to visualize and bring to a certain level some Conciousness of the building bricks for infinite levels of abstraction.

Article : The Google Way of Science

Excerpt :

“It may turn out that tremendously large volumes of data are sufficient to skip the theory part in order to make a predicted observation. Google was one of the first to notice this.


note: found thanks to the p2p research list


local boundary spanning and convergence – stigmergy and emergence of intentional networks

I am interested in developing interconnected media facilitating a trans and meta overview ,

and if possible , also a dynamic relative overview ,

within and between ” intentional networks “.

Towards such an aim ,

I believe , at first , in using existing technologies , and then progressively build collected materials and position them towards each other , collectively , eventually implementing new applications and solutions to do so.

Let me explain my approach.

In the last 5 years , I have been hitch hiking all over europe , developing different perspectives , interacting and living with people from various backgrounds , while staying in touch with these people , and also with other emerging intentional networks , through the internet , using email , wiki s , mailing lists , social bookmarks , …

I quickly realized the need for two approaches , beyond convergence and exchanges in online environments , connecting online interaction with real world spaces and interaction :

on one hand , the need to facilitate the emergence of interconnected networks of individuals that apparently may be called
” boundary spanners “

( expressed in some old brainstormings such as ” Open World ” : http://oikoumene.coforum.net/OpenWorld

and on the other hand , convergence spaces , which may also be living spaces , where such boundary spanners can converge , live , and develop their projects , while feeling at home , or having the opportunity to have several places where they feel at home.

Also , during my travels , the decisions concerning my moves depended on the options that would come to me along communication channels in the networks of people I met , and on information  from the networks of individuals to which I connected to online ,

opening up several options to me , from which I would constantly re-actualize my alignment of options ( several options making it possible to attract me rather in one part of europe at a certain time of the year , rather then another , according to the capacity to open up new opportunities , meet people , converge resources , and the efforts invested )

I would also use email to facilitate efforts of ” stigmergy ” with my networks of friends throughout europe ,
and optimize the opportunity and connection making through my hitch hiking low budget moves , by connecting with people along the way according to common interests , or complementary interests , I would feel.

Other important factors in my travels being the potential for having inconditional opportunities for reality sharing – feeling more often that I had more such chances in certain places in eastern europe then in western europe , as western europe , especially in its big cities , seemed to have its social organization based on much more conditional reality sharing.

After an estimated 300 000 km hitch hiking , I feel it is time to find opportunities to increase the resource base , and find ways to converge more effectively , using some of my experience , and try to implement the understanding and broader view of interconnected / inter related pieces of ” puzzle ” I would see , and the potential for new synergetic , or eventually , emergent relation making processes.

I am now back in Brussels , my home town , and a major center of decision making in europe and in the world , itself being positioned in between other major decision making centers in europe , such as London , Paris , Amsterdam , the Ruhr Gebiet and Koln …

I woud like to start very simply.   I am happy to see that there are projects such as ” The Hub ” that are emerging , new hubs opening up accross major cities accross europe and the world , inspired on the Hub London s success.

I am somewhat sceptical of its business model , yet like to promote the development of such transdisciplinary convergence spaces.
( I still feel such model might still too much be aimed at maximizing income , even though some hubs might choose to be not for profit – I am also concerned about ownership and control of communication channels related to these convergence spaces , … etc … but thats another debate. )

Together with some friends , such as Synnove , we also discussed the development of ” Convergence shared living spaces “.

These might also combine with other more temporary convergence/living intentional network spaces , such as ” collectives ” of a few days , or a few months , such as the Couchsurfing or BeWlecome Collectives , or the 24 hour or 24 weeks projects the espians develop : http://wiki.espians.com/24_weeks


In some of these projects , video , wiki s , and mailing lists are being used to facilitate collaboration between individuals from all over the world with convergence points such as collectives.

I would be interested in developing platforms , together with all other emerging technologies ,
that facilitate such collaboration ,

first at a local scale , such as at the scale of brussels ,

visiting different actors potentially sharing common or complementary projects and intentions ,

understanidng their needs and offers ,

and trying to position them by facilitating some ( audio-visual ) recordings , that would include meta tags ,

and facilitate the mapping of each of them towards each other.

I would also be interested , after using existing tools and mashing them together ,
while also using real world spaces , which can in effect also become ubiquitous as to interact with each other through the online communication channels and also through physical space , facilitating ” stigmergy ”


Ideally , grant makers , social entrepreneurs , researchers , people in the field , decision makers of all kinds , etc

can more eaisly allocate their efforts and resources , and collaborate with each other ,

not having to follow specific power structures of organizations , but directly working around common intentions ,
and optimizing the use of resources , facilitating also the understanding of mutual synnergies and the different inter relations ,
understanding priorities and how each element may further lead to new opportunities.

This would be complemented with data bases , and their immersive visualization – tools that still need to be developed , some of which I may briefly be detailing on



Another very important aspect I see to such emergence ,

is the inconditonality , towards common intentions.

Everyone does wat one can , and empowers each other , eventually leading to ones own empowerment through mutual emergence.

new forms of finance can emerge , including new forms of measurment , facilitated by the new holoptic capacity of such a intentional network.

By holopticism , I mean the capacity for everyone to see the bigger picture , and to evaluate as to better potion ones own actions and potential decisions in accordance to others , facilitating self regulation , in a non hierarchic way.

Everyone could be creative , and people having access to any kind of resource may decide to invest and donate to people working on various aspects of the broader intention ,

or on new understandings of opportunties that may rise into new initiatives and solution development.


For example , I might go and see various individuals , schools , universities, non governmental organizations , governmental political bodies , private companies , etc

and by documenting and inter relating each others needs and situations , make it easier for each of them to see potentials for synnergies , and new opportunties to create / solutions to develop together.

by doing so , some of them might see the ” value creation ” I can bring , and through a transparent donations platform ,
allow them to donate to me , while seing what my own living needs might be.

I can show , like in a video game , what my daily survival needs are , and how much of them might have been filled up within the next week or two , and if they want to support me , they may see for example that in one week time I do not have enough money to fulfill my estimated eating expenses , and they can decide to donate one or two euros – which then appears transparently on the online system.

more details about such a solution on



So to start with , I would simply need to go and visit local actors , and help positioning them , by fiding out about a series of question that could facilitate such positioning , and eventuallymake some short audiovisual recording , which can then be meta tagged and inter related with all other potential recordings and pieces of information.

This can facilitate local meetings in the real world ,

and if it really creates value , it can be a first step for me to receive donations and survive ,
while not being told what to do , whitout having to work for anyone , and without needing to set up any specific legal structure of my own ( I hope – we will see )

I also look forward to further use and include tools , such as potentially the ones developed by Joe Edelman :