share dynamics

part of a mail I sent to a friend :

strongly feel I want to accelerate the current networking of brothers and sisters wanting to manifest intention in an emergent way.

Starting by staying open to recognize each other.

Connecting with cultural creative memetics is not too difficult, as many (bourgeois and non bourgeois bohemians) already seem to converge in certain places. (Some neighbourhoods in big cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin,Brussels,etc)

But finding connection while listening,learning together,overcoming fear,being playful,
While staying together, is less easy to find,share,and then build on long term.

Somehow,I feel my close friends either move a lot,either are spread.

(Places / temporary autonomous zones like ecotopia are great to converge and reconnect)

Finding people searching for meditative peace,within cultural creatives,is accessible,

But finding individuals with whom to maintain this inner presence and peace in every moment,while moving into shared intention,through chaos of unknown, collaboratively,sharing evolving meaning, is not easy to find or maintain within current systems.

So somehow I am focusing on the development of tools that could make collaborative intentional individualist shared dynamics easier,
enabling certain flows.

Emergent flow is already there,
Yet I am interested in having a better overview through tools,as to further empower its distributedness into all aspects of life,beyond artificial bottlenecks from artificial scarcities.

This feels clear,and much of the other parts of my life get organized around such meta manifestation,
even though it may be difficult for many to recognize or identify with.

A challenge is to create easily understandable and identifiable chunks which may corresponds to needs at a material realm level, creating an entry point that converges people and resources from there on, liberating further potential for cultural experimentation,
and the individual spiritual perceptions such cultural space may accept or facilitate.

Other then that, staying in Brussels as it currently seems easier to access resources here,
but still wanting to open up to several places.

I feel happy when friends meet me.
I want to live with people I feel I share love with.

I can not live in a flat alone,as in the past half year. I also do not want to return to a free fall Nomad life without place to feel home and return to.

I also want such living convergence space for our brothers and sisters that meet with each other and share resonnance.

A non collectivist space.
A cheap place ( central bank money wise),where I feel I can listen to myself and others more easily,share,co create,and welcome new creative influences and initiatives,

In a festivalist shared lifestyle:

Some places in Europe where this happens, but not as much at post industrial,post capitalist, urban or semi urban approach.

It’s networked.
I like to expand and empower the festivalist memes further 🙂

Green,yellow,turquoise… to refer to spiral dynamics and integral “theory”.
(sending you links on next message)

I also want to consider going back “on tour”, but after already having prototypes… (?)

How are you and how do you sense your experience?