Social Networks Around Books?

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: 01-Dec-2005 06:53
Subject: Re: [mindecos] Social Networks Around Books?

I am interested in real world community “living” space ( even with people from all over europe spending some time ) in berlin,

open to thinking related to collective intelligence, alternative local marketing solutions ( + produ-consuming? / engaging consumers into production / + gift economy + yes, indeed, like ideas of optimizing “lending” and yes, like social networks around anything ) , alternative DIGITAL(?)-currencies ( using… chip?? or… mobile devise like mobilephone? ) , money reform, + privacy issues??

+ interaction + nomadic architecture ( ? ) + + + + + + +

am interested in developping low cost solutions – good infrastructure ( broadband, … ad-hoc? ) , access to transportation, social life , … / access to university ( and particularly uni library )

for myself, and others – etc.

well, this already exists, but I want to connect also with your own experiences in London, Berlin, etc

and see how such “social hub” + ideas + ( temporary) livingspace could develop in ( different ) models… and more experiments

+ centres for informal project development, etc

–> Temporary Zones? Using Squats , and having everything thought for rapid transposition?

Understand better working of certain Squats + networks ???

but have one big zone that stays ( get support from some person with ownership on empty space ? )

also, I added some links on

that seem quite interesting,

including for example


Also, am thinking about analysis of different opportunities and potential experiments

for example, this article, and setting in Somalia:

–> opportunities for ( local? ) economic development, using ICT for boosting new initiatives, ideas, exchanges, and optimizing ressources and reducing waste trough digital market, etc… ???


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