Two Online Video Documentaries : " The Century of the Self " ; " The Corporation "

The following links lead to very interesting documentaries , understanding powerful forces that developed in the last century – also see short description of documentaries below. all the best , Dante – note : these links have been forwarded to me , and possibly some of you , by Niall – Thanks !

The first one is a shareware , shortened version of

” The Corporation ”

and the second is a series of 4 documentaries produced by the BBC , called

” The Century of the Self “

part 1 )

part 2 )

part 3 )

part 4 )

About ” The Century of the Self ” :

extract from

To many in both politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?

About ” The Corporation ” :

extract from

The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary film critical of the modern-day corporation , considering it as a class of person and evaluating its behaviour towards society and the world at large as a psychologist might evaluate an ordinary person. This is explored through specific examples.

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