progressive ego death – tantra with the world through permanent nomadic hitch hiker experience

It is characterized by the perceived loss of boundaries between the self encased in skin and possessing a physical body and environment as a whole, a sense of loss of control, and the loss of the accustomed feeling of existing as a personal agent.

These perceptions of feelings of the cancellation of the ego as a controller are integrated with the feeling of cosmic unity. This unity is largely the unity of controllership. Everything I think and do, and all the choices I make, do not ultimately originate from me, but rather originate from “the great Tao that flows everywhere”, from “God’s act of Creation”, or from “the ground of being”. If there is no separate me as controller, then there is just everything that is. Control there is, but no separate entity who controls.

What if …
the story of the last supper was a metaphor for the “Holy War” fought between the knowing and far vision of the Lateral Mind against the major personality archetypes of the Linear Mind ..?
What if then …
the “emergence” of the Lateral Mind, metamorphosed with the Linear Mind did not result in any “Death” but in the ability to see an overall picture .. where the Linear Mind was no longer dominant but still fully functional as a possibility of choice.

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