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sometimes things can be stirred up a bit 😉

but yes , i know that it goes through project development – defining a project ( that can be understood ) ,

gathering people around it.

and then working projects can be inter connected between each other.

we can choose what project and field to focus on according to what feels more of a priority and/or passion

in my case for the moment one of the fields of learning and development is : reflexivity systems and design

but i can also invest myself in other fields of focus , such as washing dishes – when it has meaning / when it is part of a symbiosis and synnergy

although i feel that today what we need is not more projects , what we need is a lifestyle and a intention that follows a greater vision


I ve been in this situation in the last 10 years at least
( got elected on the school board 10 years ago 😉 )
and in between ended up involved in youth politics , local , regional , national , and european representative politics ,

although always with a grassroots approach , or more exactly , especially the last 6 years , a mesh ( net ) roots approach
but then the problem is that , when there s no net , there is no action , there is no politics 😉


for the moment i relate most to nomadic artist ecologist and programmer hacker networks … that i m contributing to connect between each other
i prefer a non confrontational , creative alternative development approach , through festivalist lifestyles and paradigm building

but i guess i also need to think about a place to sleep – hmm , and living online is no fun – furthermore , my body does not accomodate that well on a server space rack

yet it is accessible – all the resources are there in over abundance ( at least here in western europe ) , and in a society where wealth is based on solution development , such approach could even be considered by venture capitalists …
but do we really need venture capitalists … i mean , we dont want anyone to take control over it , it would be paradoxical … as it is about people waking up and empowering each other – when we have enough individuals , we create a alternative system – a bit like a cooperative

and some of us ( sam , michel , … ) are bringing together opportunities for alternative economic models ( and measurment systems )

and in many ways , a lot of ” religious ” communities have already built various infrastructures , such as the anthroposophic movement : schools ( waldorf schools ) , bio farming , healthcare , etc

and there are also other networks that may not have done it in an as broad field , but that exist ; such as ecovillages –

and then offcourse there are networks such as hospitality networks :

my challenge is to bring all this together , within the realm and new possibilities offered by alternative communication channels offered by information technologies

and tend to share such views on

Michel Bauwens and co , Sam , Steve , Synnove , Sebastian , Kelly , Sara , Thomas etc all in their ways are bringing together or furthering some of the pieces of the puzzle.

So its about furthering existing resources with new opportunities , and empowering each other in specific projects , with a broad interconnected scope , eventually also using alternative currencies.


some fields – just to cite a few :

reflexivity practices , tools , and environments , face to face , online , and between the two

alternative learning for all ages ,

alternative lifestyles – interconnected between each other

alternative parallel currencies and financial systems



health care

elder care

child care




communication networks

production design

etc etc etc etc

and to start with its i,portant for us to connect , perhaps for some of us to have a space to live together , and work on these ,
without having constraints

and not only in isolated eco villages
but also in cities ,

USING EXISTING RESOURCES , with new solutions

and we can do it , but not each on our own

yet somehow it seems that we still need to find some strategies and have access to the existing networks and flows of information as to be better involved in PARTICIPATING WHILE SURVIVING

I have been participating to some extent ( much by learning how to reduce my needs on certain levels of Maslow s hierarchy of needs , learning a lot about myself on the path ) , and contributing often more input then some paid counter parts ( but that evolve in a power driven coercion structure , and not a peer to peer self organized festivalist paradigm )

The challenge includes developping the transparency and access we need to develop our approach ,
and eventually also develop the alternative measuring tools that are best suited to our approaches – as to be RECOGNIZED

and through recognition have access to more opportunities , etc etc etc

thats what I have been trying to do – but often ending up without any support because its simply TOO COMPLEX for many people to understand ,

or TOO DISTURBING for those that understand it but are too pre-occupied by securing their position within the ” society of the spectacle “

so only with people that are concious that they can still continue their activities in the spectacle while empowering the festivalist approach does it work.

but then again , ego s get in the way , and sometimes even aggressivity as many people active in the society of the spectacle feel frustrated not to live a festivalist life ,
or of having lived a life in the society of the spectacle that they are not ready to requestion as it brings up too many crystallizations ,

and in effect only few are really ready to surrender by LETTING CAN FLOW , AND EMPOWER IT TOGETHER , FOR ALL

… same story anyway :-p
… i guess its a few thousand years old :-p

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Kadri wrote:
Hmm, looks like you have lot of energy, but nowhere to but it…..

Hope you will find a place and persons, other that virtual, before you end up in drama…..:-)

Keep strong !

On 29/02/2008, Dante-Gabryell Monson wrote: I know I m writing too much ,

and instead of writing I should be doing ( although writing is a form of doing too )

and to do it is best to do with others

so to get together with others

instead of spamming them and keeping them from doing


where are you brothers and sisters ?

ah , there you are , next to me , ok :-p

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