dante-gabryell's definition of " transcendence " and " meaning "

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Jun 15, 2007 11:14 PM
Subject: dante s definition of ” transcendence ” , and ” meaning “

I realize my definition of transcendence is somewhat different then the three definitions on wikipedia


My definition of transcendence is the following :

it is the overcoming of limitations at the level of conciousness , it is the overcoming of drama at successive levels of abstraction – a drama being defined as actions resulting of the ” addiction ” to something specific , and as a result of this addiction a “specific need for control” , fear of loosing this specific channel of control , and eventually when a channel of specific needed control is not in control , emotions and actions induced by drama and ego flow such as : powerlessness , aggressiveness , and limitations through focus on the drama/addiction

, …

also , transcendence is leading towards metatization , which opens up multiple channels , multiple possibilities , multiple dimensions towards the higher process dimensions ( in which smaller less abstract process dimensions are contained ) , and not only a focus on one addicted channel

so transcendence and metatization are the opposite experience flow then ego experienced flow in process dimensions ,

and is also synonymous of detachment , creativity , discovery , opening of perspectives and understanding , action in detachment , and being … beyond addiction , beyond necessity or need

yet following a further opening up of dimensions , when ” can ” chooses for ” can “…

in any field , in any process , …

TRANSCENDENCE is also a meta level of abstraction of the “opening up of trust” , the opening up of channels ,

and at a level of abstraction that relates two shared processes of transcendence , care , faith and inspiration ( meta relations of processes of ” opening of trust , action , contemplation ” and inspiration connecting the objectified process dimensions )

one finds MEANING

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