Rhizome : Product Information and Logistics

I tend to accumulate some sets of ideas.

They have in common to follow a same rhizomic pattern of inclusiveness and participation , transparency / holopticism , collaborative creation , unconditionality , absence of coercion , …

Some of these tools could be developed through internet solutions.

One of such ideas:

Some kind of wiki related to a google maps locator ,

allowing the opportunity for anyone to update prices of products in different shops

and visualize the difference in prices across different shops in a city , a country , and between countries.

This can also include further information about the price of logistics , the amount of money being spent for the raw materials , the amount spent on advertisement for every product , …

… Eventually leading to the empowerment of consumers that can better choose ,

or even get together to create consumer cooperatives , buying products they believe suit their own choices and ethics better , or even setting orders with specific craterias which can then be met by producers on the market.

It can also extend to producer cooperatives , and open up paths for new forms of social networks and economics ,
which can also include alternative forms of complementary currencies for the exchanges , …

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