towards "commons" – holopticism , stigmergy

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 2:19 PM

Subject: Re: towards “commons” : synergies through meeting hubs , conferences , strengthening of collaborative networks …

Thomas , Steve , Josef , and all ( cc: I add Andrius to this thread )

this mail is about ” Syner-Jazz’ ing ” …


quoting Thomas in hes last reply to this thread :

” If this idea has currency, I’d like for someone to take on the organizing of it so I can concentrate on the writing projects I need to complete. ”

Looks like we are at a stage of the thread where we find out more about who is doing what at this moment and what objects we already have at our disposal ,

and are reaching a stage where we find out what we intend to do ,

what we need to do it – including numbers ( aha ! money !?! )

and how we can work together to provide for each other what each of us needs


As we dont ( yet ) have certain specific softwares and platforms to visualize this yet ( the ” open synergizer ” relational tool and platform 😉 ) ,

lets see how we manage to continue this with emails and wiki webpages …

We can create pages and profiles that allow us to openly and transparently gather , visualize , relate or compare
(perhaps some of us already have done this for themselves and in relation to their networks ? – ? ) :

– options regarding ” places / hubs ” for meetings and potentially for living we mentionned on this thread – feel free to edit / re-arrange , or copy paste it anywhere you like , … :

– indications and links about what some of us are doing at the moment , or intend to do , and with what circle of influence

– what resources within our respective circle of influences can complement each other

– what needs we have , and … what we like 🙂


I make a online draft of my own so you can position me ( and it would be nice if each of us could visualize that with each of us , each of our intentions , and each of our projects ) :

( and you can add yours here )

as to how I feel can contribute to your needs towards our common intentions ,
and so that you can understand what I need to be able to contribute ( to you ? ) ,
towards our common intentions .

Your suggestions on how you think I can contribute to our common intentions or to you
are also welcomed.

I also want to state that I intend this kind of holistic/complexity market place to go along ” intentions ” – what I call ” Intentional Economics ” / including gift economics within intentional social networks.

By this , I mean it is not ” Expectation/Control Economics “.

Example : I have an intention that includes specific actions and needs , and if you share this intention , you can empower yourself by empowering me to fulfill my needs as to be able to accomplish actions that correspond to your intention.

for example : I m passionate about ” singing ” , and you like to hear me sing. – so you support me by offering me some food so that I can spend more time practicing for my singing.

and NOT expectation economics where ” you pay me to sing one specific song in one specific place “.

in effect , I do not sing because you pay or support me , I sing because I ampassionnate about it , and you can empower me to do it better and more by covering some of my living expenses and needs.

I will sing anyway , because thats what I love to do , but by supporting me , more people can enjoy listening to me sing , including yourself

note to programmers and people interested in facilitating the funding of programmers :

It could be nice if we could have easily comparable and potentially relational data for each of our needs , current offer , and the needs for potential offer.

It could also be good to create separate profiles for needs of projects , and how these projects can relate to each of our separate offer and need profiles.

For example , a “optional ” project page for having a conference at the Goetheanum ,
and then other pages / objects for ” optional ” offer and needs of individuals according to the project object.

This last intention ( to create and compare objects / profiles of offer , demand , access , and needs to create potential – which itself could be a need for other potential creation )

is in itself a project object , for which we can clarify the needs , and write down grant applications for software and platform development.

Although this might still sound like some foreign language , I would be happy to present to interested programmers the functioning of ” process dimensions ” : , which can also integrate such kind of functionality ( and much more )


Let us know more what your situation , intentions , offer and needs are.


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