Project : Movement for Open Programmable Financial Systems

I look forward to the development of a inter-connected movement of engineers, namely programmers,

supported by all kinds of thinkers, facilitators, …

for the bloom of a new self-empowered  and empowering movement :

Open Source Public Licensed ” Programmable Financial Systems ”

following the development of other open source projects, such as Linux.

I also look forward to the emergence of open distributed data bases using such softwares

converging and sharing information about

offer and demand in the field of

” units representing needs of/offers in the pursuit of certain intentions measured by a certain measurable quantity ( time, energy, processing, data transfer, … ) and issued or asked by individual profiles ”


here are some of the challenges I try to address :

The challenge is to manifest simple tools that enable greater complexity : enabling simplicity at higher levels of abstraction.

– I would like to see an economic measurement system which allows for a variety of units to be transferred ( units which have in common to define 1 ) an intention , 2 ) a unit of measure , and 3 ) profiles of groups or individuals pursuing them which issue them – each of these informations staying connected to the units )

In such a measurement system I imagine, people or groups do not owe to other people, they owe to ” intentions ” , and to serve the intentions, one can support the needs of the groups or individuals who serve certain intentions, by accepting their currency in exchange for what we can do.

By serving such intentions through accepting the units in exchange of our service, we show that we support the intention, and in turn others who want to support the intention can support us.

One could imagine that such economic intentional measurment system could be a complementary currency that could at first be used in the field of the volunteering economy – making it easier for voluntary people to find projects to support, and receive reputation points for it on their profile ( which in turn increases their credibility to issue units if and when they owuld need support ),
and receive intentional units which can be used or given on afterwords.

It could include time banks ( or some units connected to energy production , food production , etc )

but also other information systems which combine

1) defined intention in creation of currency

2 ) defined measurement unit

3 ) contain reputation of issuer, or of supporters of the issuer

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