empowering intentional economic networks

by enabling an intentional choice for the circulation of IOU’s,

and routing along peers/participants/projects who already defined spending within intentional economic peers,

as to reduce hoarding, and increase circulation of currency which supports interdependent intentions.


further notes :

– Information about needs that are not addressed by the current peers forming the economic network can lead to new partnerships or new ventures for addressing such needs, via spending pledging from peers in the intentional network

– Legal frameworks for simplifying issues regarding tax payment,
enabling “re-investment” of capital ( as to reduce taxes ) within the cooperative/company/intentional economic network.

– Internal accounts system which does not require payment of interest

– Potential build up of guarantee funds in mainstream central bank currencies, as to enable purchase of not yet accessible resources from outside the intentional economic networks

– Potential spending of mainstream central bank currencies coming from selling ( only surplus ) resources outside of the intentional economic network into purchasing needed infrastructure or resources to support the intentional economic network


in other words, regarding “Re: empowering intentional economic networks ?”,

a “pledge the spending of your income forward”
“loyalty program”

having similarities with social insurance paid by taxes – see :

and some similarities also with
“air miles” and other “loyalty” programs ?


hence, no demurrage, as all iou’s are simply “routing” for peer trans-actions,
with the possibility of gifts, and “gift credits” – which can build up reputation too.

// it can include visualization of the interdependencies of pledges,
and also a visualization of the interdependencies of needs,
facilitating the choice for matching.

Pledges of spending income also enables every participant to choose where to pledge its income to, both in altruistic and enlightened altruistic modes ( through visualizing mutual support systems )


legal framework ?

I also imagine it could be a hybrid legal framework,
with local not for profits, individuals, small businesses, or even governmental entities who participate in the “pledge the spending of your income forward” as cooperative members,
and a limited liability corporation owned and managed by cooperative members.

examples of companies :




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