beyond self actualization ? now!


the VAL s ( see – value and lifestyle )
are very much a tool to position individuals within a individualistic society.

My feeling ( including through these mailing lists ) is that we are moving from individualism towards a more holistic ” cooperative individualism ” … and maybe even beyond – where individualism only becomes a tool to liberate the individual from a reproductive and controlling structure , and discover greater perspectives towards continual discovery and creation.

When all such individuals connect with each other , creating synergies according to ” greater intentions ” , understanding that the smaller individual is not enough in itself to create such opportunities , and overcoming the specific addictions of the smaller ” I ” ,

then new opportunities arise for all individuals within and for societies and communities as a whole ,

but towards a different paradigm then the paradigm of control ,

towards paradigms of shared inspiration.

It is increasingly difficult for big businesses to appeal to oneness greater individuals , as there is greater awareness of mechanisms of addicted control ,

and such individuals rather develop lifestyles and actions that decrease dependency on specific sources , while increasing overall dependency on everything and everyone , as to maximize opportunities.

In effect , guaranteeing as much as possible the independence of the access to the fulfillment of basic needs such as access to food or shelter , while eventually also reducing the specific dependency on one specific community , and facilitating the further development of opportunities that lead to ungoing shared awareness development , discovery , creation , and solution development towards holistic intentions.

awareness not only of the ” I ” , but of the greater ” I ” ,

and of the maximization of opportunities for the smaller ” I ” through the greater ” I ” , through taking into account the creation of synergies.

This development is already the case in , for example , free open source movements , and peer to peer movements. ( by sharing and connecting , everyone has access to more resources , materials , solutions , … )

traditional ” businesses aimed at maximizing their control ” progressively loose control , unless they can reduce the developments that go towards greater conciousness , and impose global fascism. ( which is already happening right now , incase you did not notice , including through the current financial and monetary systems to which all of us allow ourselves to get indebted as all money issued is at interest – also see : ” Money as debt ” and ” Zeitgeist ” videos on

This is the big struggle we are currently facing , and might be the struggle we might continue facing all along our lives : paradigm of power of specific and addicted control vs power of inspiration

second part in next email.



The question for me now is , how can I connect more easily with individuals that have evolved beyond ” self actualization “

self actualization : ” to become everything that one is capable of becoming – at the smaller ” I ” level”

and from my perspective / my own current definition and understanding , BEYOND self actualization is : ” to become everything that one is capable of becoming at a greater ” I ” level , including all individuals and all opportunities for synergies and creation holistically. Entire humanity and beyond. ”

This does not demand sacrifice or oppression of oneself , as oneself becomes the greater self.

One finds that the destination is ” can ” , and ” can is now “.

Also see other levels :

where are we on this diagram ( whether we want to believe in it or not ) ?

in the ” Turquoise ” vMeme?

I also wonder if the paradigm of control will manage to take over control ?

as it managed to take over control on a ” Yellow ” Vmeme ,
by developing products that allowed for individuals to express themselves according to their own search for individuality ?

also see documentary ” The Century of the Self ” , part 3

I have the feeling that in the Turquoise vMeme , that also integrates for example free open source movements ,
that it will be important to develop the environments that facilitate direct non representative and non consensus democracy ,

facilitating initiatives through synergies while maximizing independence ( through for example hyperlocal logistics and infrastructures , that , though interconnection , also allow for a global interconnected yet independent communication / knowledge / information system.

There is a lot we can do. Some of the first steps are in facilitating knowledge building and creation that go towards holistic intentions – eventually using tools that enable to visualize the impact of everything on everything.

My attempt to this is a process dimensions engine integrated into a dynamic positioning of objects : – it still needs more research , and I would be happy to open up cooperation with universities incase you know of interested students and contacts.

Such tools are complementary with the development of non hierarchical , peer to peer , shared intention MOVEMENTS , that can facilitate the creation of synergies between individuals , and then again synergies between synergised individuals , a to create emergence of alternative solutions and an alternative paradigm.

Through for example the mailinglists connected to , there seems to be an interest in creating such synergies , and connecting several synergised groups , yet I am still concerned about the use of such materials and the risk of centralization.

But minciu sodas is only a drop in the water.

It is important to keep in mind the POWER OF INSPIRATION , and not fall into THE POWER OF ADDICTED CONTROL

We are in interesting times.

I propose that we do not have any power other then a functional power that lasts only as long as it serves , and most importantly , a power of initiative that can become a greater power of shared initiative , through inspiration and shared inspiration towards holistic intentions.

To movement is not one specific organization , or a set of organizations.

The movement is everyone on this planet that shares common intentions.

Now , the challenge is for those that want to build on such holistic intentions to find the space in other peoples lives to have access to the materials to be able to build , without conditions enslaving them into the paradigm of the power of control.

It is important to keep this in mind.

Maybe some tools can help , such as creating documentaries that can show all these developments , and also show the different kinds of ” economics ” , and how solutions can cross paradigms.

I believe that Michel Bauwens , and the people he is connected to , also gather a lot of understanding on peer to peer opportunities and paradigms – see : ,

and hopefully , all together , we can spread such awareness around us , by opening up spaces of dialogue , through the internet – such as these mailinglists – , documentaries , our conversations , schools , or public events ( such as ) ,

such awareness then opening up other opportunities for creating together alternative solutions that can then be multiplied and interconnected.

What concerns my own approach , other then the tools that facilitate a more holistic understanding and mapping for decision making ,

I want to connect with other individuals , of all ages.

One one hand , young individuals , that have a great potential and hunger for understanding , a great feeling of greater self flowing through them and healing their smaller self and all others around them , and ready to overcome the fears of their smaller self , tending towards building solutions for all.

I want to connect with young yet more aged individuals with experience and wisdom to share ,
and with young yet more aged individuals that are transcending and going beyond their smaller self , learning and overcoming their fears , tending towards greater intentions , and that can invest their knowledge and skills , connections , and resources to facilitate the development of intentions by opening up opportunities for the others , without driving the others into a conditional paradigm of addicted control.

Through the mailinglists , we might already have spaces to meet.

Yet I feel it is important that we can connect beyond the mailing lists.

Temporary events can be useful , yet need to express something beyond a simple ” interest ” in intentions.

Permanent places of convergence / hubs , also can be useful , but need not become a dependency or a place for addicted control.

What is possible through the internet is the interconnection of existing spaces , such as schools , the flow of information , the use of existing spaces and resources to gather and create together ( temporarily – or move from one space to another ) ,

and using the internet as a medium of ” synchronization “.

All this , at a limited but growing scale , is already happenning.

It can be further interconnected , multiplied , more material and human resources can be converged , less dependency on specific ” channels ” of communication can flourish , inspiration can be multiplied , ” and ”

post modern nomads can help in discovering and developing further their holistic understanding and experience , connecting and synergizing , facilitating knowledge spillover , become facilitators and Nomadic Paradigm Shift Entrepreneurs.

There are multiple levels.

At this moment , I feel like connecting further with nomadic , empowerment , paradigm shift entrepreneurs that can help in connecting the pieces of the puzzle I just mentioned.

All of you , get in touch with me and all of us , let us know what you think , feel.

How you position yourself , what your intentions and expectations are !



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