"Current TV Pushes Participation "


excerpt from 21 may 2008 article :

Current TV Pushes Participation “

Robin Sloan from Current TV is now doing a lunch talk called “Current, Collaborative Storytelling and Our Googlezon Future.”

Current is a 24-hour news channel and website, and the idea is that every part of the network is participatory. Since we launched in 2005, we let people upload videos about themselves. It can be about a friend’s band or serious stuff. The community gives people feedback on the website on their videos. And the videos that get the most traction make it onto TV and the makers get paid.

By involving more people, they become allies and guerrilla marketers. We could use more many-to-many connections like that in our media culture. In another area which requires a lot of work is in advertising. For every advertiser, we include user-generated ads for each one. We put up an assignment and ask people to upload their take on a commercial. And those efforts are almost always better than the advertiser’s efforts.

They’re called “Video Created Ad Message.” They’re some of the most popular content on our site.



EPIC 2014′ is a Flash movie released in November 2004 by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson

” The movie is presented from the viewpoint of a fictional “Museum of Media History” in the year 2014. It explores the effects that the convergence of popular News aggregators like Google News and Newsbot with other Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging, social networking and user participation may have on journalism and society at large in a hypothesized future. The film popularized the term Googlezon and touches on major privacy and copyright issues raised in this scenario.

EPIC 2015 is an update to the original movie, released in January 2005. The movie follows the general direction of the original, but also examines the roles of podcasting, GPS and web map services such as Google Maps. “

Googling EPIC 2014

Googling EPIC 2015


You’re about to watch a future history of the media by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, with music by Aaron McLeran.