Rhizome : Logistics of Options

Subject: Logistics of Options ? – optimize collaboration and productivity as a boundary spanner

From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Thu, Nov 8, 2007 at 1:23 AM

Do you know any works that might be related to the idea of the ” logistics of options ” ?

When googling , I find 5 answers , and none really relevant.

On the other hand , ” Game Theory ” gets 1,8 million answers on google.



although Logistics of options I feel could be somewhat different. There is no winner or loser , its simply optimizing solutions according to options and last minute data synchronization.

Perhaps it relates more to

” Particle Swarm Optimization ”


although not exactly.

Actually one of the simple applications I know and that already exists , that could relate to some very basic form of ” Logistics of options ” is a GPS route planner , that picks up last minute data about the situation of the traffic , and recalculates routes constantly according to traffic , to find out the fastest route.

But in this case , it already knows its destination.

In the case of the ” logistics of options ” , there might not necessarily be a specific defined end objective , but a whole set of combinations with all kinds of potential criteria.

If it is , for example , a ” logistics of options ” related to the lifestyle of a neo-nomad ( whether it is a pennyless neo nomad like me , or a entrepreneur having hes own private jet ) ,

there might be different criterias that can be asked to take into account by a computer , and different channels of latest data , including the movements of other individuals or of changes in situations that relate to our network of possibilities , potential synergies , etc

In my case , it can include availability of hosts , capacity to share ideas and projects with hosts , capacty to meet other friends that travel and with whom i have a interest in meeting to share ideas and projects / or travel together if we go in the same direction , etc

I imagine that highly sophisticated probabilities might already take into account logistics of options ?

In my case , I move based on options that have been given to me – and my plans can change any time , according to the last minute information coming in , in people I meet on the way , etc

but options are still essential to permanently re-calculate ( in my head ) what seems to be more beneficial.

But if I could include a greater amount of options ( meetings , etc ) , include and calculate levels of hierarchy accoridng to a mixture between invested time , access to resources , etc

I could optimize my collaboration and productivity as a boundary spanner

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