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From: Dante-Gabryell Monson
Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 2:34 PM
Subject: ” socialized child rearing ” – in hospitality network style ? / networked intentional collaborative individualism

Thanks Marilyn and Michel. ( cc: hc ecology )

What if ” socialized child rearing ” would be extented , not simply to the family , but to intentional networks / new forms of intention based peer tribes.

Not going back to collectivist care , but moving on towards collaborative individualist care.

In western europe , at the current moment and in the last years , it seems that most of the socialization people are having is within their ” work / office space ” , or with their family , if they still have any ties with their family.

What if the complete socialization aspects of most of the population would change , as it already seems to be , through the greater ease with which we might be able to travel and eventually connect with our ” intentional tribes “.

For example , Michel , imagine that you would come back to Belgium , for one or two months , with your family , where perhaps you would not have the same extended family as in Thailand , yet would be able to count on a whole network of peers that are part of intentional networks in which you are active in and contribute to.

We would ” pool ” child care into specific intentional community ” logistics ” , to people we believe we can trust , and each of us could take care according to opportunities we find.

For example , I am now in Tartu , Estonia.   I could take care of children of a certain age ,
and probably I would be even more interested to care care of children of friends , or potential friends.

It could even be a opening for me in the community with whom I would feel I share the most intentions with , and would open up not only opportunities and wealth creation through shared care for the community here , but also for me , as I would have access to new friendships and new information about the situation and issues I could collaborate on.

And when I would move on to Helsinki , I would already be able to dispose of a certain credibility m that would eventually open up opportunities with other intentional networks.

There would probably be a difference in the way one would imagine ” community ” in a collaborative individualist realm , compared to a collectivist realm – I think for example as hospitality networks being a community I connect to , yet I do not have to conform to changing decisions in my life because of some strong influence of the community on the way I rule my life – so it is not , as I perceive it , collectivist.

And the same with connecting with intentional network communities when I would travel , and eventually take care of their children , or gardens , or computers , or … whatever … my trust could increase ( or decline ) as on hospitality networks ( and my hospitality profiles ) ,

yet I do not specifically need to conform totally , as I am not specifically dependent on them – I can move on if none of us agrees.

When we can start creating such kind of logistics , as hospitality networks already do with hosting , we can create new opportunities for wealth creation.

And it does not even need to be dependent on money – even though we could imagine creating our own currencies used accross intentional networks.

So there is no specific dependence on the mainstrean financial system.

But these tools do not seem to be existing yet , although two years ago I was talking at the couchsurfing collective in austria about ideas that where going in this direction. Unfortunatly because of internal cs politics all the ideas have not been open for implementation , but perhaps it can be done through other social network tools that are slowely emerging. ( open social , etc )

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