Narrative binding projects ?

Within the realm of potential , there are various possible starting points.
I am interested in some starting points that can be shared :

I realize many organizations now have a “project based approach”,
and write proposals, sometimes along the objectives of the grants available.

Although ( in my opinion ) there may be some broader ( neo liberal ? ) policy and memes guiding the various grants available,
I come to realize that individual organizations, and “citizens”, may sometimes not know exactly how all these various potential projects can support each other within a shared choice of a narrative/world view to build on.

I realized that often money was spent on projects, but with no continuity/follow up,
and no real systemic sustainability in the project, other then through dependency on project funding,
or, eventually, dependent on profitability.

In a few cases, projects maintain some form of sustainability, even with little financing, through community volunteering.
For example, the “scouts” movements.

Some further questions :

– What is a shared narrative various organizations share ?
– What is the means and practices of communication used ?
– How do these “projects” mutually support each other towards a shared narrative ?
– How are they made sustainable, beyond short term dependency on funding ?

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